2011 HCPCS Level II Coding Book

2011 HCPCS Level II Code Book


2011 HCPCS Level II Book
Do you bill for durable medical equipment (DME), injections, Medicare services and other medical supplies? Then you need the HCPCS Level II coding book. Using updated information is essential to complying with HIPAA, reducing claim denials and getting paid quickly. Don’t settle for less reimbursement than you deserve.

These special codes for medical supplies, injectables, etc. are often overlooked or used improperly. MMHSI’s HCPCS book is a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure your practice is getting paid for these items without having to re-file. This book is more than just a listing of codes, it includes rules for code usage, tips on code selection, etc. This book details all of the supplementary codes required by CMS for supplies and services not listed in the CPT®.

Key features and Benefits:

  • Color highlighting for Medicare coverage status   – Know at a glance whether codes are covered by Medicare and if there are special coverage instructions that apply
  • Full-Color illustrations – facilitate proper code selection
  • New, revised code symbols and new and deleted text indicators – Not only are all of the new and revised codes presented with symbols to mark them, but we have also crosswalked all deleted codes (at the code level) with their most appropriate replacement codes as well as the implementation date (since HCPCS updates are implemented quarterly).
  • PQRI indicators – MMHSI’s HCPCS II goes a step beyond other code manuals by listing the actual PQRI measures that should be reported with each applicable HCPCS II code. Indicators are added to both numerator and denominator codes where applicable.
  • Thousands of drug brand names – In both the Tabular List and the Table of Drugs, common brand names for drugs are presented alongside the generic names that are typically used in HCPCS II code descriptions for easier reference.
  • Medicare Manuals references – References to the Medicare Benefits Policy Manual, National Coverage Determinations Manual, Claims Processing Manual, etc., are provided at the code level to give the coder/biller easy access in the appendices to coding and coverage guidance straight from the source.
  • HCPCS II Medicare Pricing – HCPCS II codes are paid under various Medicare fee schedules (physician, DMEPOS, clinical lab, etc.). MMHSI’s HCPCS II includes an appendix of Medicare national pricing for all HCPCS II codes covered under the MPFS, DMEPOS, clinical lab, and drug ASP price fee schedules .
  • Facility coverage and payment indicators – APC coverage status and ASC payment group indicators are included that make it easy to determine if these codes are bundled, covered, or non-covered in facility settings, and the payment to be expected.
  • Email updates – Keeps the customer up to date with quarterly updates and additional updates to Medicare manuals referencing HCPCS II codes.
  • Running page headers and bleed tabs – Easy term/code reference in the ABC and Tabular Lists, respectively. Tabular List bleed tabs are colored for even easier flipping between sections.
  • Printed on FSC-certified paper – “Green” HCPCS II code book, made with wood and materials from FSC-certified forests. See www.fscus.org for more information regarding responsible forestry and its benefits to the environment.
  • Coding Clinic references – AHA Coding Clinic for HCPCS articles referring to specific codes/categories are documented at the code level in the Tabular List.
  • Spiral binding – lays flat for easy-to-use coding

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ISBN: 978-1-936095-53-7
Availability & Shipping Details: available for preorder; ships in December.
Note: This book can be used for AAPC certification exams.

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