2011 AMA CPT Professional Coding Book

2011 CPT Professional


CPT® 2011 Professional Edition

Contains the official CPT® coding rules and guidelines as well as hundreds of code, guideline and text changes, including extensive changes to the surgery section (e.g., Excision and Debridement subsection) for 2011 as well as:

Key features and Benefits:

  • New! E/M reference tables have been added to summarize the requirements for reporting E/M
  • New! Coding tips added throughout—a select group of helpful tips added throughout to aid in better understanding of coding
  • Section-specific table of contents—provide users with an efficient tool to navigate information relevant to the codes listed in each section
  • Anatomical and procedural illustrations incorporated within the code sections
  • Reference tables for quick identification of the codes—assist in understanding the definition and differentiation of key parameters in large families of codes
  • Official CPT® coding guidelines — assists in correctly interpreting and reporting medical procedures and services
  • Comprehensive appendix crosswalk of deleted codes to new codes — ensures your information is up to date
  • Clinical examples of the CPT® codes for E/M services — enables you to learn how to use and report services
  • Place of service codes with facility name and description — helps you submit Medicare claims correctly
  • Spiral bound with thumbnotch tabs — makes it easier to find what you need
  • Spiral binding – lays flat for easy-to-use coding
  • Inclusion of CPT® Assistant newsletter citations in Appendix A

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ISBN: 978-1-60359-217-8
Pages: Approx. 760

Note: This book can be used for AAPC certification exams.
Availability &Shipping Details:
available now for preorder; ships in November.
Note: This book can be used for AAPC certification exams.

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