Why use Procedural Coding Expert vs. CPT

Procedural coding is the process of applying codes to different kinds of medical services including surgical and diagnostic services. Coders commonly use American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology book to report medical procedures and services.  The AMA CPT book includes the official CPT 5-digits numeric codes and coding guidelines, but also has many valuable features helping users better understand definitions and provide clarity for coding. CPT codes are open to public after their release in September of each year. Many publishers created their own “CPT” book, more often titled as “Procedural Coding”. This book includes all CPT codes (even those AMA CPT doesn’t include)  paired with CMS’s rules and guidelines, to make a perfect tool for those who code for Medicare and are serious about the billing process.  Professional coders prefer this book as it has such a valuable features as:

  • Relative Value Units (RVUs) and Medicare global follow-up days (number of days during which all necessary services and procedures normally furnished by a physician) for each code, age and sex edit icons and icons.
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Information
  • PQRI designation — code-level icons denote those codes and services subject to the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative.

This elegantly designed coding book is loaded with help on coverage, modifier, global billing and reimbursement information that is not found in AMA’s CPT® book. The Procedural Coding Expert book becomes a great source for Medicare Reimbursement and Billing experts.

The price of this book is often half that of AMA’s CPT Professional.

Speed up your coding, billing, and reimbursement with the Procedural Coding Expert book.

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