What books do I need for AAPC exam(s)?


Physician Bundle 1, which includes the AMA CPT® Professional, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-9-CM for Physicians, Vol. 1-2 books can be used for both CPC® and CPC-H®  AAPC exams.  The ICD-9-CM for Hospitals Vol. 1-3 can also be used, however the third volume is not necessary for either CPC® or CPC-H® exam.  The only exam that includes questions on Vol. 3 is the CPC-P® exam.

Make sure to use current year’s code books, as exams are updated each year on Jan 1st and are based on the current calendar year’s code sets. Using the previous year code books can put you at a disadvantage and affect your test score.  We also suggest to use Expert versions of ICD-9-CM and HCPCS books and Professional version of AMA CPT® book, as it’s not only easier to use because of spiral bound but these books also contain more supporting information than Standard or Professional Versions.

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