PQRS – Physician Quality Reporting System – (formerly PQRI) is a special program developed by the CMS. Physician quality and reporting system was first implemented in 2007 and continues to evolve. The CMS encourage health care professionals to submit data on quality of care provided to Medicare patients and offers financial bonuses for those that satisfactorily reported data. The list of eligible professionals is available on the CMS website . The listing of qualified entities is being updated each year. The CMS also accept quality measure suggestions to be included in PQRS for future use. A physician has to report a minimum of 3 measures to qualify for a bonus payment of 0.5% on all of their Medicare billing for one year.
A provider can select from the following reporting methods: claims, qualified registry or qualified EHR. All information should be submitted by Jan 31 to receive bonus payment for the previous calendar year. CMS website stated that checks are normally sent in September for the previous year submissions. Right now it’s a voluntary program, but all eligible entities will have to register for the 2013 reporting period, otherwise the penalty will be applied in 2015.
The Procedural Coding Expert and HCPCS books usually include PQRI icons and appendixes to help recognize potential for Medicare quality reporting bonus payments.

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