ICD-10 implementation delay

The compliance date for the ICD-10 to be postponed per Department of Health and Human Services. The decision to adopt expanded and specified ICD-10 code set that will comply with HIPPA standard was made on January 16, 2009, and initially the implementation date was scheduled for October 1 of 2013. But due to multiple concerns from many provider groups the HHS announced delay in implementation process and is looking to postpone it to October 1, 2014.

The ICD-10 code set offers greater specificity and intends to improve accuracy in many areas such: fraud detection, disease clarification, reimbursement, diagnoses analysis, bills management, etc. Physicians have expressed concerns about the readiness of all their systems, and believe that more time needed to insure smooth transition to ICD-10. The implementation issues many physicians may face on their road include technology-related, regulatory and reporting projects, as well as transition to electronic medical record system (Version 5010).

Overall this decision didn’t surprise those in healthcare industry. Many providers agree that one-year delay could be costly, but the lack of preparation time may lead to even more serious consequences.

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