Coding updates

The season of changes is coming and everyone in the coding community should prepare now. Annual code revision requires a plan of implementation that includes not only purchasing books, but also using different kind of educational opportunities such as webinar series and workshops. All these measures are taken to ensure understanding of the most significant code changes happening in 2011. The easiest way to get information about code changes is to check the government websites: – for ICD 9 updates. – for HCPCS updates – for CPT codes updates

2011 ICD-9 codes have been released. They include 122 new codes, as well as 11 deleted and 9 revised diagnosis codes. They take effect on October 1, 2011. The changes mostly affect ectasia, congenital malformation and body mass index codes. New V codes are scheduled for implementation this fall.

Take these steps to make sure you have updated you coding resources to code effectively.

  • Order 2011 core coding books, including ICD-9-CM, HCPCS and CPT manuals.
  • Review all changes to guidelines, notes and instructions in you books.
  • Highlight changes in the books’ Indexes and tabular sections pertinent to your specialty.

Remember: complete current code books are important tools that every coder requires to do the job.

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