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Lets see who is competing on coding and billing market of publications and other services. This niche has couple big sharks like Ingenix , Contexo and  AMA, some smaller but aggressive and promising competitors like MAG Mutual, PMIC and AAPC. Let look at each of them and see what they offer.

Ingenix is a leading health information company that provides technology, services, and consulting. They have 11 000 employees in 40 countries. Ingenix is providing a line of clinical and cost management solutions and serving Hospital and Physician markets providing tools for coding, billing, reimbursement, quality management, risk assessment, strategic planning, etc.
We’re not going to discuss all their products, lets just focus on coding books. Ingenix has all resources to create high quality code books such as ICD9, HCPCS and Procedural Coding book. And they continue to do it with great success. Their books are full of valuable and innovative features; they sell any edition and any format: spiral and softbound, compact and expert version.  Their books are pretty expensive though. They put a lot of efforts to create a good product, but they charge for it.Average book costs $99.95. you may purchase their books at: .  We’ll devote a separate article to each Ingenix book and how they differ from order publishers’ books.

 The American Medical Association (AMA) is a national professional association of physicians with approximately 250 thousand members. The AMA serves the medical community and the public through standard setting and implementation in the areas of science, medical education, clinical research and patient care, ethics, representation and advocacy, policy development and image/identity building. The AMA’s publishing and business services include publishing and multimedia development, database licensing, book and catalog products, insurance and other services for physician practices.
 The AMA publishes Current Procedural Terminology book, which contains the official CPT® coding rules and guidelines.  CPT is AMA’s registered trademark; copyright on codes and guidelines allow AMA to charge license fee to anyone who wishes to distribute or use CPT ® codes.  Whenever you need to purchase CPT book for AAPC exam it’s going to be the AMA’s CPT ® book, as it’s the only book that contains guidelines. AMA also publishes ICD-9-CM, HCPCS Level II (by Carol J Buck) and other medical billing and coding reference books. Visit AMA’s  Bookstore at

Contexo publishes books dealing with healthcare including coding, billing, and reimbursement. Also provides a range of services in medical coding education such as online courses, workshops, online seminars, coding software, etc.  They sell all essential coding books for about $99.95 per book.  You may find all their products at  

MAG Mutual publisher and bookseller grew up as a division of MAG Mutual Insurance Company – the largest medical professional liability insurer in the southeastern states. This company is owned and run by doctors and has a goal to protect and serve other physicians.  is a website that sells MAG Mutual products: books and online software. Besides core coding books – ICD-9, HCPCS Level II, and Coding for Procedures in the Medical Office (custom CPT® reference book) they sell Products for Coding, Billing, Fee Schedules, RBRVS Guides, Practice Management, Human Resources and Compliance.

PMIC:  Medical coding and compliance books, e-books, forms and software online store. PMIC sells essential coding book including CPT® PLUS as an equivalent to CPT reference book, that excludes guidelines.  PMIC introduce itself as the nation's leading independent publisher. Company is not owned by any large health insurer or medical association. Their books are mostly known for compact size and hard cover. You may learn more about their products at:

AAPC  is the nation's largest training and credentialing organization for the business side of medicine with over 100 000 members worldwide.  AAPC provides education and professional certification to physician-based medical coders. The company offers medical coding books to its members for fairly cheap price as an additional benefit.  Every year AAPC works with the publisher to get the highest quality code books.  The AAPC sells top versions of the books: Expert edition with maximum amount of valuable information, spiral bound books. “Highest quality, lower cost” strategic idea helps members to save up to 55% compared to other publishers’ prices. AAPC has all the books for the certification exams and fast growing vendor bookstore, where other publishers’ publications can be found at discount prices as well.  Visit  to find best prices on coding books.

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